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Status Update

Posted on May 2, 2012 at 8:20 PM

43 years practicing the martial arts has taught me many things, most importantly what I would do differently if I was in charge. That is why this month I would like to get out there and touch base with some of the local martial arts and self-defense schools in the San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. I feel that meeting that school owner, that instructor face-to-face and showing them the type of leadership and support that can be expected from the N.A.K.K.F. is that little extra that sets our organization apart from the rest.

Having a clear and defined goal at this point of expanding the N.A.K.K.F. and filling the void left behind by the Okinawa Karate Federation and effectively supporting and recruiting members has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of this organization and from our accomplishments thus far I have full faith that we can accomplish any goal set before us.

I am also proud to announce the completion of several instructional courses that have incredible applications for instructors and provide a level of freedom in instruction that I haven't encountered before. It goes well beyond repetition and is indexed in such a way that is easily understood and easily applied to instruction. As I go through each style and put them to paper I can't help but wonder why nobody has done it in the past but without a common language to define what a front leaning stance or an outside high strike is, I see the great difficulty of the task. This is why our instructor handbook will include our indexing format with color illustrations and commentary, it was a very exciting project to work on and will make the instruction much more effective.

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