North American Kung-Fu and Karate Federation

Professional Support for the Martial Arts Industry

Welcome to the North American Kung-Fu and Karate Federation

The North American Kung-Fu and Karate Federation has committed itself to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and service in the Traditional Martial Arts and Self-Defense industry. 

Over the past few years, many martial arts instructors have included self-defense or self-protection teaching to their mainstream activities. Many have moved away from their traditional martial arts routes and have bought into the “is this effective or not, get rich quick” bandwagon only to find themselves with falling student numbers and competing with everyone else who believes themselves capable of teaching these skills. It is absolutely necessary for you to distinguish yourself and your teaching from the crowd.

Our organization provides unparalleled service and support to business owners, instructors and event promoters within the  martial arts, self-defense and fitness industries. We do not provide support to individual students, instead we provide a number of services to improve martial art and self-defense instructional programs. Our services include new, easy to implement instructional material, lesson planning, event coordination, business education, risk management, and belt testing and certifications.

Our interactive support and dedicated staff ensures you receive the level of respect and service you would expect from an accredited support organization. Our certifications will provide absolute credibility for graduates to embark on carefully considered and self-structured careers in the fields of Health and Wellness, Traditional Asian Fighting Arts, and Personal Combat and Personal Security. Your future with The North American Kung-Fu and Karate Federation (N.A.K.K.F.) is the beginning of the road to building long-term success, and knowing you have the support end experience behind you in order to effectively do so!

Since its founding in 2009, The N.A.K.K.F. has identified and cataloged over 70 martial arts and self-defense systems, identified their strengths and weaknesses from all aspects, including delivery methodology, business practices, functionality, legality, as well as authenticity and applicability. Membership in the N.A.K.K.F. ensures access and continuous support in the martial arts and self-defense industry whether you are a novice instructor, studio owner, promoter, investor, or professional fighter, the N.A.K.K.F. has something for everyone. Anyone may join the site and access the information available in our forums.

At the N.A.K.K.F. we encourage the sharing of ideas, styles, products and methodologies among its members, this continuous networking among those interested and invested in the martial arts and self-defense enables all members to benefit from this exchange of information. 

Instructors, Business Owners, and Event Promoters may now petition for membership online. For further inquiries or assistance please email